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Hiker stumbles on body of World War II airman

A hiker has discovered human remains believed to be those of World War II pilot.

The body was found in Kings Canyon National Park in the Sierra Nevada range of Wednesday by Peter Stekel - an author who is working on a book about pilots rumoured to be missing in the park.

The discovery follows that of the corpse of an aviation cadet Leo Mustonen just 100 metres away from the spot in 2005.

US military medical experts will now take the body away to analyse it and attempt identification.

Debbie Brenchley, a ranger at the park, told the LA Times: "It looks like his head was just resting on the rock. You can see he has a wool sweater on, and a white collar and a ring on."

Mr Stekel's find follows a plane crash in the park in 1924. It is believed that the accident was caused by a blizzard.

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