Glenn Munn lies in state at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Colerain, OH


May 2008


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FINAL FLIGHT is the story of four aviators lost in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks on November 18, 1942

FINAL FLIGHT, coming from Wilderness Press in 2010

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May 31
I spoke with Pauline Jones today. She has spent 83 of her 85 years in Fayette, OH. Growing up, her best friend was Elvira Gamber - Bill Gamber's youngest sister.

Pauline described Bill Gamber this way:

"When he would walk, he walked with his head high. He was respected in the town and in the school, as were his parents. He liked people. Bill was a good athlete. And good at music. He was tall and good looking. He excelled in whatever he did. He was a down to earth fellow. I would class him as an admirable young man when I knew him. It was a big shock to the whole town when he was killed. Just like if somebody was taken away from us."

May 29
I met with Barbara and Perry Adams today, flying down to Los Altos, CA from my home in Seattle. Barbara is Bill Gamber's cousin. Though she was much younger than Bill, she has fond memories of the person well-loved by his family and the entire community of Fayette, OH.

Barbara and Perry gave me a copy of THIS radio interview by Spike O'Dell with Barbara's brother, Dick Christian, from WGN News Radio in Chicago from November 18, 2005.

May 26
Read THIS article from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the Patriot Guard Riders, their history and their mission. The Riders attended Glenn Munn's funeral and served as color guard outside the church and along the road at the cemetery.
May 22
West Virginia Public Broadcasting had an 11 minute  television special today about Glenn Munn. The radio version of the complete broadcast is HERE [mp3 10.6 mb]. Read a transcript of the television broadcast HERE [PDF] or at THIS webpage. A YouTube version of the broadcast is currently HERE at the West Virginia Public Broadcasting website. They are sending a copy to me and I will post it HERE.
May 17

Glenn Munn was buried this afternoon in the family plot at Holly Memorial Gardens in Pleasant Grove, OH, following a service at Saint Frances Cabrini Church. Many thanks to Glenn's family for their warm embrace and welcome into their family.

VFW color guard

See the following flash videos for opening remarks by congressman Charlie Wilson HERE [10.2 mb] and HERE [0.6 mb]; a sermon by Chaplain Raymond Folsom [US Army] HERE [16.8 mb]; a portion of the poem "The Wooden Box" by Martha Bamberger HERE [2.0 mb]; family remarks by Glenn Munn's cousin, Rev. William Zeyer, HERE [19.5 mb]; a portion of "Maple Street" by Wayne Renn HERE 13.1 mb]. At the cemetery there was a 21-gun salute by the US Army honor guard HERE [0.8 mb] and HERE [1.0 mb]. There was a procession by the local VFW chapter. See part of it HERE [0.7 mb] and HERE [1.8 mb].

Right click on the link and save the file to your hard drive [usually prompted to save to your desktop in windows machines]. Then open the file in your Flash viewer.

If you're having trouble seeing these videos, install the free Adobe Flash player from HERE.

These videos are also available for viewing at YouTube. Click HERE to see them.

the honor guard from Fort Knox, KY

Following the service I was interviewed by D.K. Wright from WRTF-TV7 in Wheeling WV. See the video [wmv] HERE or HERE [flv] or on YouTube HERE.

Lois Shriver & escort

Jeanne Pyle, Lois Shriver and Sarah Zeyer

the sisters of Cadet Glenn Munn, USAAF


May 16

Wayne Renn, the musician from Brainerd MN who was raised in the home where Leo Mustonen was raised is interviewed HERE in this video [wmv] by WTRF-TV7 in Wheeling WV. Renn wrote "Maple Street," [mp3 HERE] a song about the experience and will be performing it tomorrow at Glenn Munn's funeral. Video of Wayne performing Maple Street at the funeral is available HERE from YouTube.

May 15
Read HERE or HERE from the Wheeling News-Register about Glenn Munn's homecoming yesterday. Also, see HERE for a television broadcast from WTOV Channel 9 in Steubenville, OH. Also HERE [.asf playable in Windows Media Player] or here [.avi - large file!]. Also, read THIS from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and THIS from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Cadet Munn's return to Ohio. See the video HERE [wmv] for more excellent coverage by WRTF-TV7 in Wheeling WV where Glenn Munn's sisters discuss letters home he wrote prior to his death in November 18, 1942.
May 14
Glenn Munn arrived at the airport in Pittsburgh this morning where he was greeted by his sisters and an honor guard. See the video HERE from WTRF-TV7 in Wheeling WV on on YouTube HERE.

The memorial for Glenn Munn will be May 17, 2008 in Colerain, OH. May 17th is Armed Forces Day, created August 31, 1949. The Army will provide full military honors for Glenn including a rifle party, bugler, and Army chaplain to conduct the funeral service. A flag and flag case will be presented to the family at the cemetery. A local VFW group will be honorary pallbearers.

Glenn's niece, Debbie Beall wrote to me today to let me know that Bill Ralston and one of his sisters, Nancy Calvert, will be at the funeral on Saturday. Bill lives in Cincinnati and he and his sister are the nephew and niece of Lt. William Gamber.

It's interesting to note that back in 1942, when the Beech 18 disappeared, there was correspondence between the mothers of the missing airmen. I think it's wonderful that members of Gamber's family will be at Glenn Munn's funeral.

Debbie also wrote to tell me that congressman Charlie Wilson [no, not the one from the movie] will be speaking at the funeral and presenting Glenn Munn's sisters, Jeanne Pyle, Sarah Zeyer and Lois Shriver, with a congressional letter expressing the nation's appreciation for the loss of their brother.

Keri Brown, from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, is doing a documentary about Glenn's homecoming. I will update this blog when I know more about the program and will provide links for people to see.

And, finally, Wayne Renn will be performing on Friday night [May 16] at River City Ale in Wheeling, WV. As you may recall, Renn is the musician who lives in the house where Leo Mustonen was raised. He wrote this song [MP3] about that experience.

May 12
I spoke with Angela An today. She's a reporter with WBNS 10TV in Columbus, OH. She is planning a program about Glenn Munn that features footage from some interviews I did on Fresno television last spring. She has promised to provide me with a copy of her broadcast whenever it occurs. See it HERE.


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FINAL FLIGHT, coming from Wilderness Press in 2010



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