FINAL FLIGHT is the story of William Gamber, John Melvin Mortenson, Ernest Glenn Munn, and Leo Mustonen. They were a United States Army Air Forces pilot and three aviation cadets lost in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks on November 18, 1942 during a navigation training mission.

Discovery on Mendel Glacier - August, 2007

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San Jose Mercury News 9/24/07 web edition

Fresno Bee 1 web edition 8/26/07

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Glenn Munn comes home

Wheeling News- Register 5/15/08 here or here.

WTOV-9 Steubenville, OH 5/15/08 here.

Ernest Glenn Munn is identified

Los Angeles Times 3/12/08 here or here.

San Jose Mercury-News 3/12/08

CNN 3/11/08 here or  here

San Francisco Chronicle 3/11/08

Associated Press 3/10/08

Seattle Times 2/14/08  printer friendly [repeat of 2/12/08 Fresno Bee story]

WTOV-TV Steubenville 2/13/08 WV [Ernest Glenn Munn is identified]  printer friendly

WTRF-TV Wheeling, WV 2/13/08 printer friendly

Fresno Bee 2/12/08  printer friendly

Spokesman-Review web edition 2/12/08

Spokesman-Review printer friendly 2/12/08

Media interest with the Final Flight story was intense during the months following my discovery of Glenn Munn's remains and culminated with his identification and burial in May, 2008 in his Colerain, Ohio hometown.

Most print stories were picked up through syndication from the Fresno Bee, Spokane-Statesman, or San Jose Mercury-News. A few newspapers, such as the San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times also did original reporting.

Local television news stations from Fresno, Seattle [my home town], and Wheeling, West Virginia, were interested in hearing about the story from my vantage point. A station in Columbus, Ohio, spoke with Dick Christian, cousin of William Gamber.



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Many of the following articles are repeats from earlier stories. However, the geographic range [as far away as Australia] excited by the story is very impressive. I believe it suggests how compelling this story is to so many people.

Eureka Times-Standard 8/21/07 print edition PDF JPEG [10MB]

Spokane Spokesman-Review web edition [printer-friendly]8/25/07

Spokane Spokesman-Review web edition 8/25/07

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Seattle Times web edition 8/21/07

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