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FINAL FLIGHT, coming from Wilderness Press in 2010

Final Flight on television


WBNS 10TV Columbus, OH May 16, 2008

WMV or YouTube


WTRF-TV7, Wheeler WV May 17, 2008

WMV, FLV - Flash or YouTube


KFSN, Fresno [ABC affiliate] March 7, 2008

AVI [11.7 MB] or FLV - flash [9.4 MB] or YouTube


KGPE, Fresno [CBS affiliate] March 7, 2008

AVI [14.1 MB] or FLV - flash [9.0 MB] or YouTube


KFSN, Fresno, CA [ABC affiliate] August 21, 2007

WMV, 2:52 [9.5 MB]


KOMO, Seattle, WA [ABC affiliate]

AVI, 3:10 [6.7 MB]


KFSN, Fresno, CA [ABC affiliate]

AVI file, 0:51 [7.0 MB]

This is an attenuated rebroadcast with the local Fresno anchor of the KOMO broadcast, above.


KTVU, Seattle, WA [FOX news affiliate]

AVI, 0:58 [6.9 MB]

MPEG2, 0:58 [9.9 MB]


KCAL9, Los Angeles [CBS news affiliate] August 20, 2007

AVI, 1:32 [3.2 MB]


2nd Lt. William Gamber [top row, far right] at Mather Field

family photo first published in San Jose Mercury-News

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Print Articles

Ernest Glenn Munn is identified

Los Angeles Times 3/12/08 here or here.

San Jose Mercury-News 3/12/08

CNN 3/11/08 here or  here

San Francisco Chronicle 3/11/08

Associated Press 3/10/08

Seattle Times 2/14/08  printer friendly [repeat of 2/12/08 Fresno Bee story]

WTOV-TV Steubenville 2/13/08 WV [Ernest Glenn Munn is identified]  printer friendly

WTRF-TV Wheeling, WV 2/13/08 printer friendly

Fresno Bee 2/12/08  printer friendly

Spokesman-Review web edition 2/12/08

Spokesman-Review printer friendly 2/12/08

Discovery on Mendel Glacier - August, 2007

San Jose Mercury News 9/24/07 front page print edition PDF JPEG 1,2,3,4,5 [0.5 MB each]

San Jose Mercury News 9/24/07 web edition

Fresno Bee 1 web edition 8/26/07

Fresno Bee 1 print edition PDF JPEG 1,2,3 [1.3 MB each]

Fresno Bee 2 web edition 8/22/07

Fresno Bee 3 web edition 8/21/07

Fresno Bee 3 print edition PDF JPEG 1,2,3 [1.2-2.2 MB each]

Many of the following articles are repeats from either the Fresno Bee or from wire service stories. However, the geographic range [as far away as Australia] excited by the story is very impressive. I believe it suggests how compelling this story is to so many people.

Eureka Times-Standard 8/21/07 print edition PDF JPEG [10MB]

Spokane Spokesman-Review web edition [printer-friendly]8/25/07

Spokane Spokesman-Review web edition 8/25/07

Spokane Spokesman-Review print edition PDF JPEG 1,2 [6-10 MB]

Associated Press

United Press International


FOX News

San Diego Union-Tribune

Sydney Daily Telegraph [Australia]

Los Angeles Times

Seattle Times web edition 8/21/07

Seattle Times print edition  PDF JPEG [1.2 MB]

Modesto Bee

NPS Digest

Aircraft Wrecks

Political Gateway

Fitness Footwear

KCBS radio [San Francisco, Oakland]







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